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Breedlove Legal is knowledgable in the aspects of law listed below. Click to expand each section to learn more. Questions? Give us a call or fill out our contact form.

Whether you were previously married to your child’s other parent or not, the court system is set up to reach agreements or enter court orders outlining the parenting responsibilities and rights of each party, including physical custody, decision making, and visitation. Even if you already have a custody order in place already, you may be eligible to modify that court order depending on the circumstances. Whether seeking a modification or starting from scratch, attorney Caitlin Breedlove can represent you in the court process and seek your desired outcome.
Every child is entitled to the financial support of both parents. Illinois and Iowa law provides parents with the ability to obtain an order for child support and enforcement of that order should a party fail to pay. Child support can be ordered regardless of the marital status of the parents, and Breedlove Legal can help!
Often called “Dissolution of Marriage,” Caitlin Breedlove has experience representing both husbands and wives in Illinois and Iowa in their quest to obtain a divorce. Often, divorces and marital settlement agreements can be reached through negotiation, but sometimes the parties will have to go through trial to finally receive their dissolution of marriage and distribution of assets and debts acquired throughout the marriage. Breedlove Legal can help guide and support you through either outcome.
Formerly called “alimony,” spousal maintenance can be awarded in either Illinois or Iowa if certain criteria are met. Illinois recently enacted a law that provides for a formula that courts often employ to determine the maintenance amount and years of payment. Breedlove legal can help you to determine that amount and represent your interests in either seeking or avoiding the payment of maintenance.
Whether you are interested in protecting your assets or protecting your future spouse from assuming your debts, prenuptial agreements can be helpful and reassuring as you and your fiancée approach marriage. Prenuptial agreements outline the disposition of assets, debts, and maintenance, among other things, should the parties ever divorce. These agreements often require both parties to disclose their assets and debts as they approach marriage, which allows each party to feel transparent, protected and secure as they merge their lives.
If you have already obtained a custody, support, or maintenance order and there has been a significant change in circumstances, you may petition the Court to modify the prior order. Significant changes often result from the loss of a job; obtaining a job or a raise; a change in the visitation or custody schedule; or a concern about a party’s ability to parent. If you believe there has been a significant change in circumstances which should result in the modification of a prior order, contact Breedlove Legal, and we can help!

Breedlove Legal is knowledgable in the aspects of law listed below. Click to expand each section to learn more. Questions? Give us a call or fill out our contact form.

Whether you are charged with minor, misdemeanor criminal offenses like drug possession, battery, theft, or larger criminal felonies like conspiracy, aggravated battery, manufacturing with intent to deliver, etc. Breedlove legal can advocate for you and make sure that you get the fair trial you are guaranteed by the Constitution. We can represent you in Illinois and Iowa State Courts, as well as US Federal Courts.
Do you have a speeding ticket? Driving While License Suspended? DUI or DWI? Breedlove Legal can help! As a former traffic prosecutor, Caitlin Breedlove is experienced and knowledgeable about Illinois and Iowa traffic laws and can help you obtain a favorable outcome and counsel you regarding potential ramifications to your driving privileges.

Estate Planning is the process attorneys use to help people establish the legacy they want to leave behind after they pass away. Estate Planning is not a one-size-fits all process, and we work to insure we understand the specific needs of each individual person or family and craft the process that helps them establish peace of mind.

Wills are legal documents that provide direction on what to do after a person dies. A properly drafted and executed will can mean the difference between ensuring your legacy, and kickstarting years of litigation over your wishes.
A trust allows a person to craft a detailed plan for the future use of financial assets such as land or investments. A trust can be used to ensure a favorite family vacation spot will stay in the family for generations to come, to help provide long term medical services to a family member in need or to allow a person to have a continuing impact on a favorite charity.
Our attorneys understand that sometimes a trustee or executor isn’t carrying out the wishes of the deceased or the person who established the trust. We’ve had experience helping clients correct errors in administration ranging from inadvertent mistakes to intentional wrongdoing. If you believe someone’s wishes aren’t being followed, we can get that corrected. While every circumstance is different, we’re proud to have obtained multiple judgments and settlements for clients in excess of a million dollars, including a two million dollar judgment against an executor for defrauding beneficiaries.

Bankruptcy is a constitutional right that exists, in the words of the Supreme Court, to allow the honest debtor a fresh start. Bankruptcy can also be an effective tool to help people reorganize their debts to keep a home from foreclosure, or allow a business to avoid shutting its doors.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a relatively quick process that allows certain families, businesses and individuals to discharge all or almost all of their debt. In many situations, this can be done without having to surrender any assets to your creditors. As experienced attorneys, Breedlove Legal can help you navigate the bankruptcy code to protect your assets while eliminating your debts.
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is most commonly used to help people eliminate debt and get caught up on a mortgage or vehicle when someone is behind on payments. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan allows the debtor to discharge their debt in exchange for agreeing to make monthly payments over the course of three to five years. Often times, the payments in a Chapter 13 will be less than what a person was being before bankruptcy, and will allow them to keep a home and vehicle from repossession or foreclosure. Chapter 13 allows a debtor to propose the terms of repayment, and it takes control away from banks and puts it back in the hands of consumers.
Bankruptcy is a tool that businesses can use to get negotiating power with their creditors, and can allow a business to establish terms that are fair to their creditors while giving the business a break from paying creditors to reestablish themselves in their market. Bankruptcy is a tool that has been employed by businesses ranging from small mom and pop shops to major airlines and car manufacturers to gain competitive advantage of their competitors, regardless of their financial position.
Adversary proceedings are a special category of bankruptcy law that exists to litigate disputes related to a bankruptcy proceeding. If you have any concerns about the process in a bankruptcy, it is important to contact experienced counsel right away to protect or defend your rights as the deadlines in bankruptcy court are generally very short.

Breedlove Legal is knowledgable in the aspects of law listed below. Click to expand each section to learn more. Questions? Give us a call or fill out our contact form.

Breedlove Legal LLC has nine years of combined real estate experience. Whether a cash sale, installment sale, or mortgage purchase – whether commercial or residential – big or small, we can help draft and negotiate contracts, provide title search reviews and opinions, clear up title issues prior to closing, draft and review closing documents, attend closing and counsel you through the process.
Breedlove Legal has experience in litigating or defending various real estate disputes, including failure to disclose defects; quiet title actions; evictions; forfeitures; easements; zoning disputes; and property tax appeals.

Litigation is the process people use to resolve disputes. Our attorneys have litigated matters in a wide range of areas of the law, and are familiar with the process in the state and federal courts of both Iowa and Illinois. From the moment you think someone has wronged you, or the moment you’ve been served with a lawsuit alleging that you’ve done something wrong, it’s important to contact an attorney to help you understand the process—missing a deadline you didn’t know about can be the difference between winning or a losing a lawsuit.

The law has a virtually unlimited number of ways in which you can set up your business and contracts with your clients, partners and investors. Each business is unique, and deserves an attorney who will work hard to understand their specific business and goals to craft a solution that is right for them. Our attorneys represent sole proprietors working out of their homes and multi-million dollar international technology companies in Silicon Valley and everyone in between. Whether you’re thinking about starting a business or you have an existing business that is looking to expand, we’re here to help you understand and evaluate your options.

Should you be an LLC? A Corporation or an S-Corp? A general partnership or a limited partnership? Do you need to issue stock? What state should you register in? All of these questions plague business owners at the start, and we understand that what you want to do is focus on your actual business. Our goal in working with new entities is to get these decisions resolved quickly and correctly so that you can focus on the business of your business, not on the byzantine structure of paperwork standing between you and starting your business.
Every contract starts because both parties think working together will be mutually beneficial. We recognize that businesses may look at potential contracts with rose colored glasses, and as negotiating partners we help make sure that the contracts you enter into will serve your needs now and in the future. We’re also very cognizant that what may seem like an innocuous contract term to a lay person, may be incredibly detrimental to a party in ways they may not release because of legal interpretations of some common words. In negotiating contracts, we believe it is important to ensure that in the event the relationship breaks down in the future, our clients’ interests are protected. So, whether you’re looking at a new contract, or looking to terminate one, we’re here to help.
Businesses and partnerships can be acquired or terminate for a variety of reasons, but the law generally doesn’t allow them to simply call it a day and stop, or just turn the keys over to someone new. Instead, they must go through a detailed wind-up or acquisition process to ensure that all potential creditors of the business are treated fairly. Failure to follow the proper steps can have significant consequences ranging from a loss of benefits or income, to individual liability for the debts of the company. Our attorneys help ensure that when its time to sell or end a business, the owners can be certain they’re done and don’t have to worry about any lingering unknown liability in the future.
Sometimes a business simply needs a set of objective eyes to help them understand their situation. Whether its determining regulatory compliance, expanding into markets in a new community, or weighing the pros and cons of filing a lawsuit, our attorneys have helped countless business owners get a fair and unbiased understanding of their situation so that they can make an educated decision about their business’s next steps.

If you are injured on another’s property or as a result of an assault, battery, another’s negligence, or another’s pet or motor vehicle, you have a legal right to be compensated for your pain, suffering, lost wages, medical bills, future disability, property damage, and other expenses. Breedlove Legal can counsel you from the beginning of your recovery – even before you’ve received a medical bill – to litigation or settlement of a claim, to make sure you receive everything you rightfully deserve.

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